Maui Bliss Tonic 6 x 250ML

Maui Bliss Tonic 6 x 250ML


Take our 250ML on the go so you're not alone.  Mrs Toddy's Tonic Maui Bliss is made from only natural, fresh ingredients: butterfly pea flowers, hemp oil, chamomile, lemon, lemongrass, star anise, and juniper berries.

Our purple hue tonic is a relaxant which is known to be a great relaxant and takes the edge off during the day and eases you during the night.

Maui Bliss is a tonic its not a juice, although delicious looking in a purple colour, it can taste either more refreshing on the palate.  Mrs Toddy's Tonic's blend is delicious and its secret formula is unique in its flavour.  We promise you won't be disappointed.

Consume at least a 50ML shot either cold twice per day.  Can be consumed within a natural juice or on its own. the colour matches the intense flavour. You will not be disappointed.


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