Our TONICS ARE likened to drinking liquid sunshine,Full of super herbs and adaptogens.

liver detox, kidney cleanse, mood boost, re-hydrate,

re-juvenate, relaxant, muscle recovery & anti-inflammatory.


Our Roots

Sophie Todd is a lifestyle food enthusiast, wife, mother of 3 surfers and the creator of Mrs Toddyโ€™s Tonic. Her passion is creating great food, and making people feel better through her medicinal health products





TMade from only natural, fresh ingredients: Mrs Toddy mixes her brews with all natural ingredients inlcusive of ginger, turmeric, lime, galangal, tamarind, lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon stick, pepper, coconut blossom nectar, hemp oil, butterfly pea, collagen and hibsicus to name a few. Mrs Toddyโ€™s tonics are delicious looking however can taste a little earthy or slightly citrus on the palate. Mrs Toddy's Tonic's blends are very potent and medicinal. We promise you won't be disappointed.